From raw material to finished product

The company, thanks to its advanced industrial plants, produces furniture transforming raw material to finished products, going trough all its manufacturing steps, up to shipment stage.
We obtain huge advantages in terms of production control and cost-effectiveness of the final product.

MCS Mobili chi siamo

Our state of-the-art

We constantly commit in trying to detect continuous changes in society. In this way we can always give right solutions to our customers, making products distinguished by:

  • Contemporary and attractive design;

  • Best Functionality and Durability;

  • Unique value for money.

MCS Mobili chi siamo

A steady growth

Main goal is to grow up, with persistence and determination, in order to achieve a constant improvement of all corporate’s processes; optimizing production stages, focusing on quality of products and services offered.

The right sinergy among choice of materials, wide use of new technologies respecting the environment, attention to details and modern design, makes MCS MOBILI a handy, harmonious and intuitive company.

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MCS Mobili chi siamo