GDO & Retail

We propose ourselves to the GDO & Retail sector as an effective partner able to guarantee products with a high selling power.

We are able to interface and deal with the articulated needs of our customers, thanks also to a high capacity for product customisation on large batches.

We do not neglect after-sales service, an integral asset of an effective system that establishes one of the company's quality standards.

MCS Mobili Canali


MCS MOBILI is also the ideal Company for large-scale projects involving the supply of an articulated range of custom designed products, designed ad hoc or customised. We are able to address mainly the residential and public sectors, but also the hotel sector.

The high level of specialisation gained by our designers and technicians, as well as the production technology with which we are equipped, allow us to operate within the deadlines with quality results, adapting and shaping the Company in the customer's image and likeness.

MCS Mobili Canali
MCS Mobili Canali