Team spirit

People come first. The ones who put courage, perseverance and willpower, together united for a common goal.
We boast twenty - years careers, a deep bond symbol among our employees and company itself.

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We are emotionally involved in our customers’s effort, in whom we try to identify ourselves, being ready to quickly understand various issues. Our products want to convey a message in which the final consumer identifies itself trough its space interpretation.

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Innovation & malleability

MCS MOBILI is able to adapt quickly and efficiently according to the needs of several markets. In-depth product and process researches guarantee a high innovation capability, providing top quality goods at lower price range, in furniture field.

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Simplicity & handiness

Streamlining is one of the key points that distinguishes us mostly. Not only about corporate structure, but also in the product effectiveness, made simple and handy, suitable for every kind of space.

Cost control

In today's world, cost is one of the main aspects that most influences the purchase of a pre-determined good. MCS MOBILI can provide high quality products at lower price range, affordable for any potential customer.

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Environmental friendly

We project and produce furniture with the awareness to protect and preserve our great “mother Earth”.
With utmost respect for the environment, all the panels used to produce our furniture components are made of wood particles with low formaldehyde emissions, obtained reusing wasted chipboard. To further reduce pollution, our packaging is recyclable.

See eco-sustainability section
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