The Medieval Village

Lying from South-East to North-West along the ridge of a hill, Mombaroccio (20 km far from Pesaro) is entirely surrounded by strong walls protecting the ancient castle.

Founded in the Thirteenth century, belonged to the city of Pesaro until 1543.

The majestic and picturesque Porta Maggiore, encased between two cylindrical towers, is quite representative for the whole village.

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Medieval lineages

The Mombaroccio’s village was originally governed by the Malatesta’s lineage, under whom the urban layout was set.

They were followed by the Sforza’s lineage, who implemented new offensive and defensive strategies through new Castle’s fortification.

Later, the Della Rovere family decided to release the community from the agonizing provincial dominion and submitted this task to Mr. Ranieri, from Marquis Del Monte.

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Avant-garde society

Mombaroccio was taken as a forefront society example for many, particularly under the leadership of the Marquises del Monte favored by the Sforza’s lineage, particularly with Guidubaldo (son of Count Ranieri), partner of Galileo Galilei and fellow student of Torquato Tasso.

In the Guidubaldo’s palace we can find a laboratory who shows some experiments performed together with Galileo.

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Famous places

One of the best known places in Mombaroccio is the "Beato Sante" Franciscan friary, built on the thirtheenth century.
Within it we have the dedicated Museum to Giansante Brancorsini, descendant of a rich family that, after a blood event, came in Mombaroccio to become a Franciscan friar.
Across the time the friary suffered several suppression, among which the Napoleonic and the Savoy ones. Just later, the friars, were able to return in Mombaroccio to make it an important core of religious and social activities.

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Our commitment on the territory

Villagrande, one of the most populated neighborhood of Mombaroccio, encompasses a wide industrial area.
MCS MOBILI is engaged in this area with three different plants, which together with uncovered surface reach roughly 90.000 sqm.

Established here since 27 years, the company can be perceived as a cornerstone of this little and wonderful town.
Several initiatives have been proposed across the years to enhance the town’s brand, developing synergy among private and public sectors, keeping high Mombaroccio in the Marches region and in Italy.

Today MCS MOBILI wants to get even closer to the Mombaroccio’s town, promoting its own projects, starting brand campaigns and aware citizens of Pesaro (one of the Mombaroccio’s closest city) about the beauty of this piece of land.
These projects are going to be realized thanks to a young and dynamic local administration, more and more responsive to industries and citizens.

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